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Finally, I am able to squeeze out some time to share with you guys, my experience of the Genting Foodie Tour organised by Nuffnang and Resort World Genting. One post is definitely not enough for me to cover all the yummy food I ate, lovely people I met and unforgettable moments we had. For the benefit of those who do not have any idea where Genting is, here's a brief summary:

Genting is located on the mountain peak within Titiwangsa Mountains on the borders between two Malaysian states namely Pahang and Selangor. It is only 55km away from bustling city - Kuala Lumpur (KL). You can always take a cab up from KL, coach or cable car. It is also known as 'Fun City Above the Cloud' a perfect short getaway destination for all ages.

For us, we took a double deck Five Star coach bus from Golden Mile. The whole journey took us around 5 hours. Here's our very own Rolls Royce.
With our on coach entertainment that made our journey to Genting seems a little shorter and sweeter.
We had quite a selection of movies for example In Time, Johnny English and Adventures of Tin Tin.
Stopped by Yong Peng for breakfast and saw the real boss - vintage Rolls Royce.
We did these for hours on the bus,
Jiejie amd I took photos of ourselves before we concuss.
Wore my Nuffnang Sleep Mask during my nap.
And after my sweet nap, we reached! This is the reason why it is called 云顶高原
Photo by yipsufen@ Virtual Tourist
This is probably the third time I visit Genting, the last time I went there was many donkey years ago. Everything changed a lot. Currently they have 5 hotels and they are Maxim Genting Hotel, Highland Hotel, Resort Hotel, Theme Park Hotel and First World Hotel which we will be staying at - the reception is really classy with courtyard feel.
Photo credit -  Resort World Genting
Welcome to our cosy little room

Our Cutest TV on Earth and Funny name Hair Dryer
Lunch was on our own and we went to this cafe called Hou Mei which means yummy in Cantonese.
Took photo of Jiejie while waiting for the food to be served. *impatient face*

Proudly presents our lunch of Day 1 
 Beef Brisket Noodles, Sliced Chicken Hor Fun and Bean Sprout Roasted Chicken

Free time before our blockbuster - 9 course dinner and we went shopping!
I must tell you this place is very self sustainable - you named it they have it - they have minimart, convenience store, pharmacy, clinic, retail shops, lots of food places, theme park, casino, cinema, bowling alley, KTV and even fortune teller (there is also Chatime Bubble Tea for Bubble Tea lovers).

I found Sasa
was so tempting to buy stuff inside like the nail polish, makeup remover etc. If I had know earlier, I wouldn't have brought along my bags of toiletries.
There are also shops like F.O.S (Factory Outlet Store) 
Photos by Jamie Lee
which sells many cut labels and clothes with a bit of brand kind. I think it is a must go shop if you love to dress casual - you are bound to find some cool T-shirts and apparels. They currently have 10% discount for tourists and students. I bought a couple of stuff from F.O.S. Another shop I will recommend for people who to buy accessories will be Bonita- it is similar to Accessorize in Singapore.
Love my cute PJ pants, 2 pants for Ah Pork, the funny doodle T-shirt, preppy shades,winter cap (preparing for year end Korea trip), super cool earrings and nice dainty pumps.

Close up of my loots! The T-shirt that have floppy disc killing thumb drive and CD.
Preppy shades - Brown with black polka dots and Jiejie bought the black one with white polka dots (Buy one get one free leh)
 My very cool skull earrings
 The winter cap that make me look abit silly (impulse purchase)
 Comfy pumps that I wore after a day I bought it

For those out there who does not want to get a heart attack from your handphone service provider but yet can't leave without facebook, twitter and the internet just like we bloggers. Highly recommend that you buy the Digi Prepaid Broadband for Mobile, PC and Tablet. It is only around RM30,
Note people if you still want to receive your Whatsapp via your Singapore number when it prompts you and ask if you want to use the new number, click No ya!

Saw the Angry Bird Real Life game with sound effects some more..So tempted to buy. Woke up from that idea after Jiejie say his boss's daughter of age around 5 has it...('-' ")

Bought other things from Watsons
Mouthwash, Baby Powder, Eyebrow Shaver (Messy Brows spoilt my photos), Facial Mask (skin feels drier maybe because of the cold weather) and Breathe Right ( I scare if I happen to snore like a pig then Jiejie cannot sleep properly just in case ma. hee...)

Get ready to be hungry and aroused by my Foodie Post that I will be posting soon! Stayed tuned!


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